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Outdoor PE Telescopic Bucket
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Size :
5 L
10 L

Product name: E folding water bag shrink bucket
Specifications: 5L,8L
Material: PE
Weight: 0.09 kg

Main Features:   
① Compressible and foldable, space saving, light and easy to carry
②Using temperature -20 to 80
③Necessary for outdoor, stretch can be used
④ Large capacity, easy to store water

product details:
Special plastic is selected, which is resistant to folding and not easy to age. The applicable temperature is minus 20 degrees to 80 degrees above zero. The folding design is suitable for campsite water storage. The water outlet can adjust the water volume, which is very convenient to use

√Use scene:
It is suitable for use in the car in outdoor camps far away from the water source. Outdoor picnic

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